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Interstim is a therapy offered to treat symptoms of overactive bladder that is broken down into two steps. If you are suffering from overactive bladder and are seeking a medical solution, we're happy to show you what we can do.

If Interim is a good fit for you, we are happy to accommodate you!

Stage One is a short minimally invasive procedure that is done in the office. A small needle is placed about an inch below the skin in the area of your upper buttock. We then thread a hair-like wire through that needle and connect it to an external device that you can wear discreetly under your clothing.

Stage one

If stage one is over 50% effective at reducing symptoms, you may be a candidate for stage two of Interstim. In this permanent version, everything is placed internally in the region of the upper buttock. This is a simple outpatient procedure done at an outpatient facility that we can handle quickly and easily.

Stage two

Interstim works by implanting a small device in the body that stimulates the bladder to work properly. In general, this is a two-step process.

What is Interstim?

Treatment with Interstim