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Frequently Asked Questions    (Just For Daddy's)

1. Are herbal supplements safe for my baby and my wife ?

You should always talk to your practioner about herbal and vitamin supplements, some can be harmful to the pregnancy by encouraging miscarriage and some are teratrogens (damaging to normal fetal development).

2. Our insurance covers reasonable and customary, What does that mean ?

Resonable and customary is when the insurance company takes an average price of healthcare prices in a region or district, they then offer to pay the price that they feel comfortable. This maybe in relation to or not close to the fees charged by the individual practice.

3. What other charges may we encounter ?

  • Lab fees are from an outside service.
  • Sonograms are an outside service and therefore charged by that company.
  • Vit K (Baby supplement injection)
  • PKU (State lab test)
  • Miscellaneous supplements

4. How can I help my wife best ?

Patience and hugs

1st trimester - Try cooking for her and have lots of things for her to snack on. An Example would be pasta salad, mashed potatoes, trail mix. She needs to nibble every hour or two without the thought of cooking. Make her sun tea with her pg tea or red raspberry.

2nd and 3rd trimester - Buy her a "Package of Massages"

Link on to one of our massage therapists that we've checked out Here

Postpartum - Expect to take over the househould chores for two weeks. Thats laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping. If you dont want to be superman then line up friends or family or a postpartum doula.

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